The perfect time is right now

There’s always a “better” time to do things. After the kids are older, after I find a better job, after this weekend, after this level, after this episode. I can’t count all the times I’ve told myself some variation of, “Once my situation is better, I’ll do the things I really want.” But it is always easy to find a reason to wait; sometimes, they are even legitimate reasons.

Most of the time, however, there’s no real reason to wait. The “perfect storm” of ideal circumstances will rarely form for the things you really want to do. If making your dreams come true really could happen that easy; there would be a lot more truly happy people in this world. If you want something bad enough; will create the circumstances you need to make it happen.

If I was still making excuses, I wouldn’t be married right now. I fought my wife hard when we first met; telling her I wasn’t ready for a relationship, that I needed to fix some things in my life before I started dating. Thankfully, she called me out on it and didn’t stop pursuing me and I eventually realized that when a good thing is right in front of you, you don’t wait to “get your life figured out”; you grab that opportunity and don’t let go.

And so, yet again, I’m faced with a situation where I’ve been telling myself I’ll start working on these things I have got working in my head later, once life has calmed down. But my life is not going to be calming down any time soon. If I want to make it happen, I’ll find the time.

So no more excuses. Now is the perfect time to do the things I feel I need to do.

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