You’ll Always be My Girl


Sometimes, as I think about you getting older, I get a little nervous. I wonder if you will still want to come see me, if you’ll resent me for everything I missed when you were younger. Maybe you will decide I’m not that God of a dad and you don’t want anything to do with me anymore.

And then we have times like last Saturday night. I make you get up and “dance” with me while I jump around like an idiot and your act embarrassed but don’t make me stop. You sit next to me and put your head on my shoulder and sway to the music with me. You key me kiss the top of your head and don’t pull away even though people are watching.

I know you will have your normal teenage rebellion moments; maybe even tell me I’m stupid or I don’t love you, or even that you hate me. But we will also both geek out over the newest SciFi/fantasy book or movie, and laugh at the funny t shirts we find online.

So sometimes I don’t like the thought of you growing up; but I know you will always be my girl.

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