It’s Really Quite Simple

I started writing this about a month ago. I have written, edited, erased, and started over a few times. I figured that, if after all this time and all the rewrites, it is still on my mind I should probably get it out. So here it is.

It is not about gender equality, or marriage equality, or rape culture, or racism, or gun control, or war, or poverty, or religion, or political parties, or anything else that seems to be wrong with the world today. They are all important issues yes. But they will not be solved with programs or rallies or websites or protests because these things are not the issue. They are the effect; not the cause.

The cause is deeper, and we are all a part of it; no matter what side of what argument you are on. We are all part of the problem; but that means we can all be part of the cure and it is really quite simple.

Love and humility.

It does not matter who you are. It does not matter what side of which argument you are on. Regardless of whether you have been discriminated against, mocked, or abused in any way; if you cannot love those who disagree with you then you will never be part of the solution. If you cannot set aside your pride long enough to sit down with someone who disagrees with you, no matter what they have done to you, and have a civil conversation about your views; you will never see an end to your struggle.

I am not saying there is no need for change. This world is obviously broken and we must do everything we can to fix it. But if we do not focus on the cause; on loving everyone no matter who they are, and having the humility to just stop for a moment and listen, then we will not fix anything.

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