Here we go again!

Last week I had a night when I didn’t sleep well. I woke up 4 or 5 times in about a 6 1/2 hour period. The first time I woke up I had this feeling that something was missing; that I needed to do something important. This had happened occasionally before but I would just assume it was a dream I couldn’t remember and fall back asleep. This time, the feeling stuck with me the rest of the night and the next few days.

I love my life. I’ve been incredibly blessed with an amazing wife, awesome kids, and a job I (mostly) enjoy that let’s me have a flexible schedule so we don’t have to worry about childcare. But my daily routine has become too, well, routine. I feel like I’m missing something, that I should be doing something beyond daily chores and making sure the baby isn’t falling to his death or eating garbage. I have a list of projects I want to work on but never seem to find the time or motivation.

So I’m going to start here. I discovered the “daddy blog” community a few months ago and have enjoyed learning about the community and all the awesome people involved. I’ve wanted to get back into writing again and I think I could have something to offer here. Maybe some advice or inspiration another dad is looking for, or even just a laugh or smile at my not-so-perfect attempts at parenting, husbanding, fitness, or whatever else shows up on here.

So stick around, check out what I have to offer; and if you enjoy it, please share it with your friends. I’m looking forward to starting some new relationships through this thing and hopefully learning a few things too.

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