Mustaches, Pi, and Needles

The last week has been crazy busy! Wesley’s. 1st Birthday was Saturday, Pi Day, and we had a good party with family, stick on mustaches and Pi symbol temporary tattoos.

From diaper to dapper

After the party we made a quick stop to a local dessert shop, Sweets So Geek,  that was having a charity auction for another local business owner. My wife painted a few pie pans for the auction, and there was a lot of amazing art. It was awesome seeing people in our community coming together for a good cause!

TMNT! My wife is awesome!

The beginning of this week has been recovery from the busy weekend and trying to get the house cleaned up.

Today, Wesley had a Dr. appointment for his 12 month wellness check. Got a shot and some blood drawn and took it like a champ. And he’s growing just like his daddy, tall and skinny with a big head!

So now we’re home and I gotta try to get this place cleaned up before work tonight; just wanted to pop in and give a quick update.

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