The Perils of Internet Debates

I LOVE the internet. I’ve learned new cooking techniques and recipes, discovered new music, movies, books, and random trivia that might someday prove useful; and I probably love social media most of all. I can keep in touch with family and friends, reconnect with old friends, make new friends, stalk my favorite celebrities, and commiserate with other parents going through any and every imaginable situation with my children. The internet is hands-down one of my favorite things.


But the internet isn’t all unicorns and cat videos (that’s probably 80% of it; but not all of it). There are dangers to the internet; plenty of ways to get yourself in trouble, and plenty of people looking to take advantage of your wallet, your innocence, or even your life. This isn’t about the dark side of the internet; but it is about an issue I’ve noticed that seems to be becoming more and more prevalent as more people continue to use social media as a form of communication.Read More »


To my son, on your third birthday.

You are three years old today.

WP_000767 (1).jpg
This will always be one of my favorite pictures. I think he looks like a superhero.

In the grand scheme of things three years is a blink of an eye; and in so many ways it seems to have gone by that fast. But so much has happened in those three years. Your sisters became teenagers (one is even old enough to drive now!), new jobs for me and your mother, some projects on the house have been completed and even more are being planned, we even traveled out of the country! How much more will happen while you are growing up? Your older siblings will be graduated and (hopefully) on to bigger and better things than our little family; maybe you’ll even have a cousin or two to play with! Maybe all the home improvement projects will be finished and I’ll have my kitchen and home office to spend my time in. Maybe your mom will be a world famous cosmetologist, and maybe I’ll finally finish a story or two and be a published author (or at least someone other than family will read this blog)! I know your mom says she is done having kids; but we both know we have plenty more love to give so you might even have one (or more) adopted siblings to play with.Read More »

Happy International Women’s Day!

Let’s be honest; I wouldn’t be here to have this dad blog if it wasn’t for women. Mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, in-laws; I can’t turn around without bumping into a woman. So to celebrate this day I thought I would write about some of the women who have inspired me and taught me valuable life lessons and continue to do so to this day.

What kind of person would I be if I didn’t start with my mother first?

My mom with her 4 children. I’m the cutest one obviously .

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