Getting started (again) with a little honesty.

I started this blog with some pretty grand ideas. I would entertain the masses with cute, heartwarming stories of my children. Commiserate with my hundreds (thousands! Hundreds of thousands!) of readers about the frustrations and sorrows of parenthood.


Well, it has been a little over three years now and this is my twentieth post. Not exactly the outpouring of creativity I was hoping for; and most of those few posts were quick, off the cuff posts I knocked out in 15-20 minutes with little editing or rewriting. It’s not that I’m not proud of the things I have written. When inspiration hits me I feel like I can write fairly well; but I wanted this to be more. I was hoping I could find some consistency here, find my “voice” I suppose, and give people a glimpse into my life as a father, a husband; a place where I can make sense of a mind that is often messy and a bit confusing. As much as I wanted this to be something for other people; I need it even more for myself.

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Changing YOUR world to change THE world

It seems impossible these days to look at the news without being overwhelmed with negativity. Any positive stories seem to be buried underneath mountains of tragedy. Wars, shootings, abuse, natural disasters; people killing people or people unable to get the help they need to survive. It is not just reports coming in from far away places either. Almost everyday there is talk of a shooting nearby; and it is usually not hard to find a connection to you or someone you know that has been affected by some tragedy.

So often, it seems our only available response is sadness. We post the same encouraging platitudes to social media that everyone else does, change our profile pictures, and make sure everyone knows that we are sending our “thoughts and prayers” to those who are in the middle of it. Most of us don’t see a way to do any more than that.

The sad truth is; most of us aren’t going to change the world. There are many people out there, from all over the world and from all walks of life, that are doing great things and making discoveries that will change the world; but for every one of them there are thousands that sit discouraged, wondering how they can make a difference.

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